The delightfully sweet and sensual aroma of Shadha’s neo oriental mukhalat has a very modern beginning derived from its fresh floral first notes.

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Shadha is a rosy ambery fragrance made of the rich, golden notes of scent. When you wear Shadha, it brings out the true essence of you.

Shadha bursts forth with a rich rose fragrance that creates the perfect introduction to this glimmering night. When the rose surrenders its petals, it gives its all to the heart of the fragrance and a golden cloak of amber wraps you in warming, woody accords. The amber is joined by musk that brings out your true essence and makes your scent unforgettable. At the gleaming heart of this nectar lies majestic oud, sending its magnetic aura into the cold air that surrounds you.

Shadha is a concentrated perfume oil for women from Swiss Arabian perfumes.

The unforgettable essence of you.


شذا عطر بروائح الورد والعنبر، مركّب من نغمات عطرية ذهبية غنية تحتويك خلال أشهر الشتاء الباردة. عندما تضع عطر شذا، يستحضر العطر جوهرك الأصيل.

يتفجّر عطر شذا برائحة الورد الغني الذي يهيئ البداية المثالية لهذا اليوم المتألق. عندما تسلِّم الورود وريقاتها، تمنح كل ما فيها إلى قلب العطر وتلفك عباءة من العنبر في روائح خشبية دافئة. ينضم المسك إلى العنبر الذي يُظهر جوهرك الحقيقي ويجعل عطرك لا يُنسى. وفي قلب هذا الرحيق البرّاق يرقد العود الفاخر ليرسل هالته الآسرة إلى الهواء البارد الذي يحيط بك.

شذا عطر مركز للجنسين من عطور سويس أربيان.

جوهرك الذي لا يُنسى.


Shadha 18ml CPO by Swiss Arabian comes in a heavy metalized gold metal which is one of the popular alcohol-free fragrance you can find in USA. The best part of this fragrance is the floral-woody texture and sensual aroma with natural and freshly driven ingredients. It starts with fresh flowery notes of Patchouli, blending with the aroma of Galbanum and ends with rich oriental notes of sandal, agarwood, and musk, which surely is enough to bewilder anyone’s senses in your vicinity. Feel self-loved and enchanted by wearing this beautiful scent.


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