The Luxurious Scent of Bakhoor


The Luxurious Scent of Bakhoor

The word Bakhoor can be used to describe wood or scent stones, which can look a lot like tiny crystals, and smell deliciously amazing and endured. The term Bakhoor in this sense refers primarily to wood chips soaked in scented oud oils, mixed with other natural ingredients such as natural resin, sandalwood, and essential oils. One type of contagious mold affects the heartwood of the tree and later produces a dark, fragrant resin that produces the oil. It is prevalent in the vast Arab world till today.


A variety of scented Bakhoor is available in the market in different forms. It is mainly available in the following two forms.


The loose fine Oudh incense is known as Mabthooth, which means loose Bakhoor. It is transformed into fine fragments by the shavings of agarwood (Oudh), which are mixed with natural resins such as mystic and aromatic stones.


Punsticks and scent oil are used in incense. Agarwood, or any type of wood, is soaked in scented oil, processed, and then ground to be shaped into a stick shape. It is then left to dry in the sun for 3 days. Using incense sticks is known to be the slowest form of smoking. It can simply be burned with a lighter and placed away from anything that can catch fire.

How to Use Bakhoor

There is a certain way to use Bakhoor. We have listed down the steps for your ease.  Using them, you’ll be able to experience the alluring fragrance of Bakhoor.

• First, light the charcoal with a lighter or match (be sure to do this on a fireproof surface) or use Mabkhara, a traditional bakhoor burner.

• When the charcoal is lit completely, put the desired amount of incense.

• Place it where you want to make the surrounding refreshing.

In many Arab countries, it is customary to pass Bakhoor among the guests of the community. This is done as a gesture of hospitality. Insiyahatoor sells high-quality, cost-effective Bakhoor across the USA. Visit our online store or walk in our perfume shop to purchase your favorite fragrances.

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