Ultimate Guide to Buying a Perfume

Perfume Bottles

Ultimate Guide to Buying a Perfume

With so many options in front of you varying in notes and scents, it is quite overwhelming to buy the right perfume. Choosing the best perfume that suits you is essential. But it can go wrong very fast, which is why we’ve gathered all possible ways to help you choose the right one for you!

Learn About the Notes

While selecting a perfume, it is immensely necessary for you to understand its different notes and how they work together. The top note is the strongest scent you’ll smell when you first spray perfume, and it fades within 15 minutes, giving way to the middle note. The middle note is the body of the perfume, staying prominent and bold for a few hours. When the middle dissipates, you’re left with the bottom note; those rich, heavy scents that linger until the end of the day. So get a perfume that blends well for you with every note that you love.

The Scent that Lasts Long

We all know that different perfumes have different ranges of how long they stay on our skin. As one of the basics of choosing the best perfume for you, you also need to know this if you want a scent that would last you from morning until evening. A higher concentration of perfume oil would mean a stronger fragrance. So check this information before purchasing the perfume, which is most given on the exterior of the bottle.

Right Bottle Size

Deciding which perfume bottle is best for you is a bit tricky too. But we’re here to guide you through. If you’re trying a new scent, a sample size would be best—30ml or less. If you would like to always have a handy bottle in your purse at all times, a 5ml or 15ml bottle would be great. But if you’re just repurchasing an old perfume that you already love, then you can go ahead and buy the biggest size you can afford because it is generally cheaper than buying a couple of smaller ones.

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